Anybody have a technical definition for "Jitter"??

I keep reading about "jitter", but I can't seem to find it defined anywhere. What is it? How does if affect the system? Does a DIP really make a significant difference? I hear the Monarchy Audio 24/96 DIP is good. Thanks!
Jitter is timing error(s) in the digital data stream. I haven't heard the DIP, but used a Sonic Frontiers Ultra Jitterbug for several years, and it did make an improvement improvement, ie reduced glare and improved smoothness. Good Luck. Craig ...has a bunch of resources.
DIP works, same results as Garfish mentioned.

I ain't no jitter expert but all digital players must break the original signal, which is one continuous signal, into little bits and take a finite amount (44.1kHz or larger if oversampling is used) of samples from the original signal. If there is an error in the sample timing, such as irregular sampling intervals, they call it jitter. It was also a dance in the 1920's and is a lot of fun.

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Excuse me, Clueless, but I think the Jitterbug was the big dance in the 1940's. The dance in the 1920's was the Charleston. Anyway, I wasn't alive yet for either one. I can't dance either one, but if you say it's a lot of fun, I'll take your word.
20s? 40s? I had a 1961 Bug with bent wheels that jittered a LOT at resonance (60 mph). Threw a rod on the expressway at rush hour. There's a timing error, eh?
No Rayhall, I distinctly remember doing the Jitter in the 20s. I was doing the wow and flutter in the 40s.

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"Jitter" is the word to describe me when I'm watching the Canada-USA hockey final....go canuks, go.
I think something like 50 percent of the information stored on a cd is a security system to stop people from copying mass cd's. Supposidly you can copy one cd to one cd but not one cd to a hundred cd's.

All of this extra info creates a lot of problems including timming errors. As stated by Garfish the jitter device will reclock the music.

I use a digital lens and I like it quite a bit. The only thing to understand is that this is a tweek and will not make an explosive difference. It will add a lot of faint nuances, clean up the sound a bit, and will make a positve difference.
Too many "lines" the night before will definitely make you "jitter" the following morning!