Anybody has experience with SILNOTE ic, digital cables, speaker cables and power cables?

I read Silnote owners  are very happy with them, THANK YOU  what you fellow agoners impressions with them...
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I use their Morpheus II Reference II digital cable. It is nice for the $. Rich but clear midrange and nice extension on the top and bottom.
+1 to Keith’s opinion.

I am switching between Zenwave D4 digital and Silnote Morpheus II by remote.

Although Zenwave D4 give more details, with bright sounding Silnote work better.
I have a pair  of 6' Poseidon Ultra's that I want to unload. Very good cable, don't need them.

PM if interested.
I have a pair of Silnote Anniversary Master Reference biwire Speaker cables.  An excellent all around speakee cable that I would highly recommend for the price.


Are these SPDIF RCA or AES?

Is the Zenwave brighter than the Silnote?

I Use their Morpheus Reference RCA phono cable. It is an excellent cable for the money.
I use the Poseidon GS Reference power cables and am very pleased with their performance.
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I use their Morpheus XLR to XLR cables between my BAT solid state amp and BAT tube preamp, as well as XLR to RCA to my Bluenote streamer. I’m very happy with them and the price is great in large part because there is no middleman. I’ve talked to them several times at their Richmond office and found them extremely friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go out of their way to take all of the time needed to answer your questions. I suggest giving them a call before you buy.
@ maxima95

They are RCA.

Zenwave D4( 700$ for 1.5m, Dave of Zenwave can make AES cable for you)may sound little bit  bright depending on source but with more details and transparency.

Silnote is more forgiving to bright sounding album.