Anybody has experience with Building a TAD

Dear Audiogoners.
I have been toying with the idea of building a loudspeaker system based on TAD compression drivers since forever. Anyone here has inputs on the optimal driver configuration, crossover points and amplification?
You might want to join the Lansing Heritage forum dedicated to diy JBL. TAD and JBL are close companions and TAD is oft integrated into JBL clones. Some of these guys are ex JBL engineers and love the preservation of the products they helped design but also up to the idea of improvisation. I also belong to that site and in the process of building a pair of altered JBL 4345 clones per the technically exacting recipe of these very engineers. They are awsome. Not attempting to deter you from participating on this site. You can't have too many friends
You may want to check out the JBL 2435HPL also - its a bit more accessible than the TAD drivers.

For a interpretation of similar check this one out


Good listening

Thank you so much for your kind inputs!
But hold on... What do you guys think about the Meyer X-10s? The Meyers seem like an altogether more convenient and put together system. Reason why I am going to build my own Tad instead is because the Meyers are frankly an eye sore plus i think it is a decade past its prime.