Anybody has audtioned the VMPS Super Tower III

I am intrigued by what I have read about the samller brother, the VMPS RM 40 here at the forum, so I wonder if anybody owns or has auditioned the top of the line, the VMPS Super Tower III?
All input will be greatly appreciated.
The RM40 is a heck of a speaker and will put a lot of high end speakers to shame, but not the Super Tower III. The big super tower is much better, maybe even in a class all by itself if you've got the room and gear to go with it and can get by the shear size of them. I can't wait to hear the new model Brian has come out with, I think it's called the RMX, $9800 a pair. I have a dealer by me, says he'll have a pair in to listen to soon.
I think VMPS is a great speaker company..their last aim is profit..the owner Brian Cheney is a very nice person..RM 40 at 5000$ is a great speaker and the new RM-X is a high-end killer..If I had 10 000 to spend on speakers that would be the only and first speaker to buy..