Anybody had experience with stealth Indra ?

Especially Wilson/Pass Labs owners?
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Mert, take a look at my review of the Stealth Metacarbons , I also have a pair of Indra's in my system, and run Pass Labs XA-100's so the details hopefully will helpful to you.
and is it better than Valhalla?
I have a pair of them on loan from my local dealer and I am very impressed. I have compared them to my standard Nordost Tyr and they are very smooth and musical indeed. I am using them between the Boulder phono and preamp. The interconnects from the preamp to the power amp are Valkyrja as are the speaker cables. I have set the system up to allow me to switch the inputs to the preamp between the 2 outputs of the phono so instant switching is possible with no other influences such as level matching. Both of the cables sound very good, the Stealth just a bit rounder without any loss of detail or extension. This is something I am very sensitive to and other than the extreme cost of the Indras, I see nothing but upside over the Nordost cables.
>>and is it better than Valhalla?<<

A yes or no answer must be tempered with the user's definition of "better".

One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
It didn't match with trasparents ref mm speaker cable and Acrolink A7N-2070 IMO.(valhalla was between Accuphase dp-78 and Boulder 810)If I had a non networked like Stealth Dream or even Valhalla , result could be more positive.
Today I received the indras and put them into action.(between Accuphase Dp-78 and Boulder 810)
I had limited time last night. But I would say more organic than Nordost Valhalla. Tonight my new interconnect came.(transparent ref xlr) I will try both tomarrow.
I was able to try the Indra for a couple of weeks and they are the second best cable I have ever heard. They beat my Antipodes SG interconnects but didn't quite have the magic of the Antipodes Golds I auditioned at the same time. The Antipodes Golds sounded more detailed and more harmonically natural and rich. However I should add that the Antipodes is unusual in that by design it is the least system dependent cable I have come across so the Indra may just not have suited my system.
I recently replaced my WireWorld Gold XLR between my Burmester 001 CD and Burmester 011 preamp with Stealth Indra XLR. I find WireWorld very good for the price and have been very happy with them, but as good as they are, the Indras are a entirely different story.

From the first minute it improved my system very much. A lot more details, but also more analog and pleasant sound. And also the bass is now very very good, warm, rich of details. I feel I am missing nothing with the Indras.

This cable is a component upgrade.
I replaced Audioquest Sky's with the Stealth Indra (with old Cardas terminations, not production titaniums) between CEC TL-1x (modded) transport and Dodson 218 DAC. It has been a transformative experience equivalent to changing preamps. Never have I heard a cable so improve my system as the Indras. Greater sense of realism, much larger soundstage, deeper bass, sweeter and more extended treble. And the Sky's are no slouches, either. I have Valhalla IC's running from pre to power amp but have not yet tried Indras from transport to DAC to compare with Val's, which themselves are excellent. I plan to do that this weekend.

Sorry to pick up this old thread but the thread starters question applies to me pretty much as I have Pass monos as well as Wilson speakers. I am also using Stealth Indra xlr as well as Stealth Dream Petite spkr cable and one (older but GREAT) Transparent Reference XL interconnect (xlr). The Indra is a gorgeous cable throughout but in my system the synergy is best with the Indra between my Preamp and monos with the Transparent between my Krell cd-player and my Einstein tube preamp. I at first had the interconnects the other way round but -as I stated above- synergy improved a lot like the cables are located now. Can highly recommend Stealth cables (higher lines as I don’t have experience with other lines).