Anybody got the new VPI Ring Clamp?I heard.....

That while it worked well with the few warped records it was pain in the ass to use (no centering device) so not something that justified expediture(made me think of the Sota vacuum that was just "there").Anyway given the expense of new bearing and platter to accomodate the thingif that's my goalfor me it's definitely not worth theexpenditure.
Guess I should have put upa post asking about new bearing and acrylic platter versus the lead acrylic of TNT5 and it's bearing in my late gerneration extended Aries "one" or "Original".Softer and differing dimension in soundstage is what I gather is differnce.A cheaper purchase would be the feet w/o the sorbothane.Love Harry and Shelia but wonder if the marketing isn't at work here.Souldn't be so
us options and that's what us auido dorks live for right?
Any thoughts on any of above?
Thats all baloney. There is no centering issue whatsoever with the outer ring clamp.
I have one.

Usage: The ring clamp just hangs on the outer edge of the record. It is not difficult to place it -- same effort level as placing the LP on the platter.

Sound: For me, it seems to tighten up the soundstage, fix the images a little more firmly. Certainly made a difference, better in my opinion.

Design: It's an elegant alternative to the complexity of having a vacuum pump, perhaps a better solution if your record is warped. It also adds to the platter's rotating mass -- a good thing.

Cost: The sound is different. You decide if you like it. If you do like it, you decide how much you want to pay for it. Heaven knows, we have lots of expensive equipment and tweaks in our hobby. (Full disclosure -- the ring clamp came with my turntable, so I didn't pay extra for it.)

Yah, its hard to do an audition in your home. Best would be swapping out the whole turntable with an identical model that's set up with the ring clamp.
I have it on the HRX. As Jameswei states it works very very well. On any LP's with any type of warp it flattens it perfectly so to allow your cartridge to work easily.
That said, there is a difference in sound with and without.
I have found that the sound with is a bit more controlled and probably a little less hash in the high frequencies.
Without the music has a little less contro, and a little more sparkle in the higher frequencies.
I alternate back and forth depending on my moods, but definately a worthwhile thing.
Even if you do not use it you can just leave it on the platter under the vinyl.
The new platter and bearing vs the old (at least going from TNT Hot Rod top HRX) seems to be that the new is more even handed, neutral and transparent

cheers SR