anybody got Halide USB DAC ??

what you think about Halide usb DAC?
I have had it since last December and use it in my headphone setup. Surprising amount of detail. Well worth it if space is a consideration and multiple inputs are not required. It would be very hard to find an asynch 24/96 DAC with quality USB and RCA cables to match its price.

Would also suggest the Aqvox USB power supply which seems to add a bit of smoothness to almost any DAC that uses the computer's USB power. Not earth shattering, but noticeable.

My comments assume you are referring to the latest Halide DAC rather than the earlier version that was only Redbook capable.
I have a Halide DAC HD and love it. It connects my Dell PC to my Onyx EL-34 and it sounds at least as good as my Marantz SA 12 S1 SACD player. I have done AB comparisons and cannot tell the difference. 2 meter cables are built in. it is John Atkinson's go to DAC. I am sure there are better DACs out there, but it is very good. When connected to an android app wireless Teamview on my handhelds it works great and is extremely convenient. It is incredible for the price. I am done and can concentrate on the music.
I dont own it, but some friends say that its the best Dac you can have for less than $500.