Anybody find themselves revisiting old threads?

Not that long ago some threads made me look back at some of what I'd said so many years ago. I wound up going off on a tangent & reading other threads, some which I'd never seen; others I'd passed over.

I wasn't searching for anything in particular. Waxing nostalgic perhaps?
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About one week ago there was a new reply to a thread I started in 2005. That's six years ago so I went back and reread the entire thread. It was very entertaining and informative. Amazing how much you can learn here.
Never look back, they might be gaining on you ;~)
All the time, there's a lot of info in them thar threads!!!
I'll re-visit old threads to see if I owe anyone a reply or to just read and catch up. I like looking through the archives because there is a lot of info in there.
I returned to this great hobby about 3 years ago. Without all of the various audio forums available to me on the internet my education would be stunted. I have learned so much from many threads that I return to week after week. With the many thoughts and ideas from the authors my humble system continues to surprise me after I try another tweak or another experiment.
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A related question: Ever been embarrassed by what you discovered you wrote earlier in a long-ago thread?

I'm sure you know why I ask :-)
Absolutely1 I find many interesting and well informed topics that have educated me and expanded my knowledge base. It`s also cause me to appreciate and seek out certain member`s posts for their consistent high quality contributions.
Many are deleted or unavailable. This site goes in circles. Balanced, XLR, RCA, passive, active, damping factor etc just repeat endlessly in repeated threads.
Visiting is one thing. Answering/posting to an old thread is another that wastes peoples time when thry look at the date. Imagine if someone added to a Bob Crump post?
Oh, now I get it! (I think) re: Dopogue

I know I've said (written) things that are incorrect & possibly caustic. Definitely over on AA-not so much here.

The good thing is I'm not PC & won't ever be.
Yes, for information, confirmation, and fun.
I try not to be reminded of former stupidity. Sort of like visiting the ex, who has a long memory.
I sometimes research an informative answer. I will go back and see and read all the answers this Poster has answered.
I would think this is pretty common.
I do as you for the same reasons.
I never look back into old threads.

What I find hysterically funny is when someone resurrects an old thread (and, sometimes, they're REALLY old), and answers it as if the last post were just a couple of hours ago.

yes. There is a wealth of info in those older threads!

Happy Listening!
Hey Joe, you shot my thread down.

Gee, the way I remember, it only seems like a few days ago.
Sorry! Well at least we got a good laugh from all this, yes?
I was trying to make a Hendrix reference!

Looked at the "what time do you wear" thread a few days ago-wow, along w/the "personal amp evolution" thread, are never ending!
I'm glad there here,I love reading them...