Anybody familliar with MFA Melos?

Saw a reccomneded components site by an ex dealer of HiFi whjo said they were a good value new and even better in used marketplace.Anybody familiar with them?
I don't have the Melos, but I do have the MFA Magus preamp. I love this preamp. The MFA products were designed by Bruce Moore, who also designed the original Audible Illusions. I think they are a very good performer for the money. The new Bruce Moore Audio products are available at RB Audio, where I purchased my Magus preamp. Bob is a great guy to deal with, and he may have the Melos and other MFA gear on hand for sale. He can also repair and upgrade any MFA gear.
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Good point, Viridian. MFA was a collaboration of great designers. Their products show it. I am quite happy with mine.
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