Anybody familiar with Mirage OMD-15 or OMD-28?

I'm expecting a pair of OMD-15s to be delivered Monday.

Comments? Opinions? Feelings?
Well, I took delivery of some OMD-15s yesterday, and I'm mightily impressed. They're only 8"x12" footprint and 40" tall. They fill large spaces with uniform sound of a very natural and realistic timbre. Pretty efficient, and sound effortless. You get big gains with better upstream electronics and cable, but they still make music with lesser gear.

It's amazing what they can put in such a small, attractive package these days. I still have a pair of Mirage M5si bipolars from 12 years ago. The M5si's were 16x8x51 and weighed 85 lbs each. These are 8x12x40 and weigh 35 lbs. The M5si made 85 dB at 1 watt input; these make 91 dB, which is like quadrupling the power you have on hand. The radiating pattern of the OMD-15 is more natural and realistic, and the midrange is much cleaner and clearer. Altogether a better speaker, nicer looking, significantly smaller, more efficient and better sounding.

How they get good bass extension down to the low 30s (which is plenty good for my LP-based system) with a single ported 5.5" woofer in a compact enclosure is beyond me.

More details to come as they break in and I sort out the positioning and electronics and cabling to optimize performance.

They like biamping and biwiring, high damping factor and current for sure.
This is relevant to my interests as I currently own a pair of OM-9s that I love but have been eyeballing the new OMD-28 as its price has been coming down a lot lately.