Anybody familiar with Maple Shade Audio Tuner Work

I've looked at the website and talked with the owner of mapleshade audio. They are big on modding Scott Tuners to a degree of peak performance and claim they sound better then most anything. Is ther top of the line two chassis Scott tuner really worth it?
I'm kinda curious about their Scott integrated amps too...... They claim they are giant slayers.
Where there is money to be made, claims abound.
I just purchased one of their tuner mods. It's the one with the multiplex. It has a lot of breaking in to go through still, but at this point it sounds absolutely incredible. I'm shocked. I just recently had a Marantz 10B in my system and this blows it away. Granted, I do not know what kind of condition the Marantz was in, whether it needed to be aligned, etc. But at half the price, the Mapleshade Scott mod. is definitely a worth a listen. They have a 30 day money back guarantee.

I'm now reconsidering my CD player and wondering if I should switch to a tubed unit.

I have no association with Mapleshade. I'm just a satisfied customer.