Anybody familiar with magnetic drive by GST 801?

My problem is that the VTF magnetic provision does not
work on one of my (two)specimens. There is this very small
screw on the VTF skale on both arms. As I understand this
screw should connect the skale with the magnetic drive
beneath the scale 'allowing' the movement of the scale
between 0 and 2,5 g. I compared the construction of both
counterweights and find out that both are identical. But I
am very reluctant to 'disarrange' the construction near the
pivot in which the magnets probable are?
Anyone got and solved this problem by Lustre GST 801?

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Hi Nicola, Can you zero the magnetic VTF and then apply VTF only by sliding the counterweight? That's one way to deal with your problem without really fixing it. But there are some who prefer the passive method for VTF anyway. Sorry I cannot help with the magnets. Raul has one of those tonearms and may be able to help.
Thanks Lew. Raul prefer the method you described because this way the counterweight get nearer to the pivot. I am not sure if the magnetic adjustment also means 'dynamic
function'. As I mentioned I own two specimens and intend to sell one of them. This btw is my method to get the best (looking) specimens; buy 'many' and keep the best one. But I also like to (re)sell fully functioning items. I actually want to fix this problem for the potential buyer.