Anybody else tried these cheap cables?

I am trying some single crystal IC's from
and so far I like them but they are still burning in. Its a Chinese product that sells single crystal IC cables for between $30-$50. I am tempted to also try their Speaker cable at these prices. Anybody compare this bargain stuff vs. typical high end cables that are single crystal?
Take a look. You can get good cables cheap.
Pugstub, I've taken a look but I can't find any single crystal cables at that URL. I found the English button, and then there were lots of Bruce Lee DVDs, a chat page and some of that cool entry-level Trends and iPod gear that I would be into for sure if I were starting out in audio today.

Maybe you could post a more direct link.

there are several under the Audio/Video categories
Thanks Pugstub, I found the ones you meant. The prices are certainly good, although shipping adds a fair whack. Worth a try.
I purchased a few sets of the CHOSEAL labeled OCC interconnects about a year ago from an individual in the States that made a bulk purchase, and sold them for just under $30.00 a set for both the 0.75 meter and 1.5 meter lengths. They have been musical cables in my system connecting my CDP, Phono pre, and Mapletree line router to my SP-80 monoblocks. I have enjoyed them and believe they are an excellent audio value at this price point.