Anybody else not receiving daily forum updates from Audiogon?

Since the change to daylight savings time, my daily forum update e-mails have been sporadic, including missing three of the last four days.  I've noticed this issue after the last time change, but it seemed to correct itself.  The e-mails are not in my spam folder and I tried opting out, then signing up again the other day.  The day after, I received the update, but nothing today.  Anyone else having this issue or know how to resolve it? I contacted technical support one of the other times, but I don't see why that should have to happen.  I'm sure they have bigger issues with which to deal. Thanks in advance.
I changed it so that I dont get them anymore....find it to be one less thing I have to delete.
Maybe Audiogon is shutting down some services for a few weeks since the virus that seems to be a concern to most of the world is having Audiogon cutting back on staff or attending to other matters in this rather trying and conflicting for many....
That was supposed to read "trying and conflicting time for many"...
I enjoy reading the daily popular threads, well most of them . . . sans kenjit. Just wondered if anyone else had or is experiencing this. I have to assume that it’s completely automated, requiring no staff. 
On a positive note, the e-mail came tonight. Please everyone, be safe and be well.