Anybody else got a 45 SET amp?

I've had several 45 SETs before and not until I had James Burgess build me one that I've finally seen the light (or maybe heard the light). I've long been a 2a3 freak but I'm converted. Call me hard headed, but the 45 sounds so good! It's a microscope on the music. I mean your gear better be up to snuff. It is like you'll be sitting in front of your rig while the the trash needs to to be taken out and you've not eaten in a day or two. It's like a crack addict. You don't need to apply unless you've got the SET fever anyway. You'll just not understand until you hear this kind of sound. I've been in this hobby for 30 years and you just don't know what your missing until you hear what your missing a SET amp on some real good single drivers is hard to beat!
What kind of music do you listen to the most?
I have one, for two years now. JEL Simple 45/2A3, using AC heaters and quiet! As the name implies, switchable to 2A3 or 45 tube. Built it myself and tweaked it to my liking.

I listen to Heavy Metal, pop, rock, jazz, bigband,chamber music, etc. The trick is speaker sensitivity, not the power of the amp. If the amp sounds bad at 3/4 of a watt, why need more?

Enjoy your 45's! Mr, Burgess makes great sounding amps. He is not as popular here in this corner of the audio world where Stereophile Recommended components are the king, but not in AA or DIY forum. No affiliation to the OP, Mr Burgess, etc.

I have 3 SET's. A wavelength Gemini 45, and custom built 2A3's and 300B's. I think each tube has its strength and like to use all 3 based on the type of music. I think the 45 really shines in vocals. I use the 2A3 primarily for Jazz and 300B for larger Classical works. Enjoy the 45's - it does have an addicting "you are there" sound. Also have fun tube swapping. Very different sounds based on whether you use new/NOS tubes and mesh.
I have only, thus far, heard one amplifier that is every bit as good as a good 45 SET and that is the Audiopax 88 monos.

In fact they sound remarkably like a 45 with 15x the power. The most direct and especially natural sound imaginable.
Glad it worked out for you Philefreak! Can you give us more details about your 45 amp from Mr. Burgess?

If you can remember from our discussions, I have two Burgess SETs (300B and 45/46). The 45/46 amp is a much less expensive build but amazingly enough, it plays in the same ballpark.

I like the palpability and thickness of sound from the 300B and the clarity of the 45 (or 46). Both of these amps offer a different angle on reality while sharing common ground in emotion and dynamics (not unlike Naim equipment). Although it seems that you are sold on the 45 tube, I still have no idea which one I prefer.

These are both AC heated and quiet on 100db speakers. Despite what I have read elsewhere, I do not think the 300B needs DC to be quiet.
My two favs are the 45 and the 300b. I currently run a 2 way system with an active x/o so I get to use them both: 300b on the mid/woofer and the 45 on the tweeter.