Anybody else get a Rowland Concerto?

I bought one a month or so ago and love mine. I am off the merry go round. Anybody else buy one, what are your thoughts?
It is on my short list. I had a brief audition of a used one a couple of weeks ago, and was very impressed. It was driving a large pair of JMlabs - Mezzo Utopias I think - and doing a very competent job. I would expect it to do even better with other pairings. I'd love to hear more about your findings, what you've compared it to, etc.
hi, i have a row.consonance. what preamp did you have before? does the concerto compare favorably w/the synergy?
Sorry guys,
I am talking about the integrated, i geuss it's called the conceirto. I get them mixed up. I just love the look, size , power,temperature,etc. I have had Model 10, bat vk60,clayton s40,Belles 250i. This Rowland has been my favorite.
Great news, Streetdaddy! I am still enjoying your old Belles, it goes very well with my Gallo Ref 3's. Happy to see you reached your Nirvana point :-)

Todd - chams_uk

PS - I'd be curious to compare this amp (ICE technology, right?) to some of the others out there. Ric Schultz at EVS is making a power amp with ICE I believe, but there's also Tripath, maybe others.....