anybody driving Gallo Ref 3's with SET?

while waiting for the SA to ship, I decided to see if my flea weight SET amps could drive my Ref 3's...

I am blown away! can't wait to put the SA on the bottom end of this combination...

(Dared VP 300b amps, rated around 7 watts)
I just put a set of 25Watt VTL Tiny Triodes on my Gallo Reference II's and they sound pretty amazing. Bass is not totally defined and a bit rolled off, but transparancy, speed and soundstage are great.
I'm running mine with custom built 12 wpc SET monoblocks (845 output tubes) and have PLENTY of power. Am using a Hsu 500A (500w) subwoofer amp on the bottom, crossed over at 43 Hz. Amazing speakers. Good luck, Dave.
Have you checked out the new Ref III's?I wonder if they can run on same low power.I miss my Ref II's but have a nice German semi horn the Odeon Tosca.But I think next time I am going to go back to a speaker like the Audio Physic or B&W that is more dynamic than the Gallo's or the Odeon's.Then plans are to get a pair of Omega speakers for a grand and go with SET in the second system.