Anybody could let me know Krell FPB300 dimension?

I'd like to buy a Krell "FPB 300" amp(Not 300C or 300CX).
I believe there must be users of this amp here.Could anyone let me know the dimension( W x H x D) of Krell FPB 300 so I can know whether the tank can be placed in to my rack?
Thank you!
From the Krell FBP brochure: Height 10.2 inches (25.9 cm), Width 19.0 inches (48.3 cm), Depth 19.9 inches (50.5 cm), Unit weight 110 pounds (242 kg).

Even if it fits make sure your rack and shelf can support this beast! Many racks and shelves are not rated to hold this much weight!
All I know is you are going to be very happy with amp, one of my friends just picked up a used FPB300 used and it is a great amp. But I think my pass labs X-350 has a better mid range.Best of Luck!!!