Anybody compared SR Tesla with Jade Hybrid ?

Has anybody compared the Synergistic Research Tesla Precision Reference IC with Jade Hybrid IC ? I will be very much interested to know your experience with these ICs.
Funny you should mention these two cables. I have had Tesla Apex and Precision Ref IC's and then later switched to the Jade Hybrid IC's, I now use two pairs of Hybrids from source to pre, pre to poweramp.

They are all top shelf cables and may certainly be better one way or the other depending on equipment. For my system the Hybrids added a bit more spaciousness and soundstage size, so I decided to go with those. I haven't heard any other IC's which I prefer over these to date.
Dear Cfchew,
Thanks for the input. Your input is very much appreciated. I was contemplating between these two brands.
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Interesting. I too have tried both Stealth Jade Hybrid AND Indura and Synergistic Research Apex and Precision Reference. In my system, the difference could not have been more different from Cfchew's findings. While the Indura threw a much larger sound field then the Jade Hybrid, it was the Synergistic cables that threw by far the most holographic sound stage- larger then the Indura and much larger then Jade Hybrid. In the end I choose the Synergistic cable not only for its sound staging but also for it's accurate and musical portrayal of musical timbre.

My suggestion? Don't take anyones suggestion before you compare the cables you are thinking about in your own system.
Hi Shellie,
Thanks for the input. The "Jade Hybrid" I mentioned is not the same as "Stealth Jade Hybrid". There is a company by name "Jade" and they sell an IC called "Hybrid" or "Hybrid-Gold". That is the "Jade Hybrid" referred to in my initial post. Sorry for the confusion. But your input is also very much valuable.