Anybody compare NuForce to ARC Dig Amps

I had a ARC 150M.2 but had to sale it last year.I am now going to buy a new amp or amps. The Pre is a Cary SL98P-F1 and the speakers are Totum Forest. It will replace Anthem statmount A2 which will go back to the theater. Any sugestions would be great. I am trying to keep it under 3 grand, would be better at 2 grand like the Nuforce 8.5 I did read all the posting on Nuforce. That got me going. I really did like The ARC-AMP but the price is too high now. I do like it a little more on the open side then lush.
Thanks Guys
Well I was at my local Pass labs dealer on saturday & he was selling his personsl X250.5.(He had moved to the 350.5) & He offerd me a great deal on it. A deal I could not pass up. I bought it & MAN is it increbible. I see why thare is a lot of LOVE for Pass labs now. ;););)
Ben954, here is another highly recommended amp. This is a full bodied not bloated amp. Solid top to bottom at 80wpc and best to double them up for bi-amping. Linn Klout!
Thanks Jp must be tuners I read about. Still have not got anything yet.I am still thanking a used 150.2 or 300.2. I miss the 150M.
Ben954, no problems with any of my tv's. I am using cable and run an external antenna in the attic for local HD. I have heard that tuners have a problem picking up signals when the antenna is close to the amps.
Thanks Jp & Wooburger for the relpy. I am looking at a ARC 150.2 to. And Jp dose your Nuforce 9 amps mess with your TVs..?? HO Dave I have had A COUPLE OF THE NAD AMPS & INT in my home. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE CARY SL98P or ARC Thanks anyway.
I had a Proceed HPA-3 and the Nuforce 9 easily beat it in my system. Will be moving up to the 9 SE. The Nuforce gear imho is very good for the price. Very natural and open. Would not be in the lush category. Extremely fast amps which will produce a tight accurate bass. Will easily control a big single bass driver which is amazing coming from a 7lb amp. Dbtrucks had these driving Wilson Sophia's and said the bass had never sounded so good coming from these speakers. Also, you can find a used pair of the 9.02's and if you like them Nuforce can upgrade them to the 9 SE version down the road. Right now I am using JM Labs Electra 936's which sound great with these amps. They give off a huge sweetspot together. Would love to hear your opinion if you get them since you have had the ARC.
Buy NAD M3...sell Cary and enjoy!
I haven't heard the ARC but have heard the NuForce which I would define as OPEN.

Good luck.