Anybody compare a Chord DAC 64 to a Pass Labs D1?

I am looking at these two as possible upgrades. I have owned the D1 in the past and I think its excellent but am considering the DAC 64 because the D1 is discontinued. I am not able to audition the DAC 64 because I have no dealer in my area.
I have tried both in my home. A friend who is a Chord fan thought the Dac64 would sound better than my D1. It didn't. I still have my D1 and have yet to find a better DAC in my auditions. That is not to say a Boulder or some newer unit won't best it, but there are none of these around Chicago to demo against my D1.

I have tried many besides the Chord that are in the $6k and down range. That seems to be the price limit of what is kept in stock for dealer demos.

If you have a D1 and a transport with AT&T or AES/EBU, the D1 is really very difficult to beat. For Coax or Toslink it is still a top performer among other top performers.

Discontinued, or not, I would hold on to your D1 until some big evolutions in Dacs comes along. They'll come eventually.

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Thanks for your input. Much appreciated. I have an opportunity to buy a Pass D1 and am going to jump on it.