Anybody combine ASR with Wilson?

Looking for feedback regarding results and cables
Read the review by MF.
Thank you for that!
Would someone please enlighten me. I assume the battery power supply emits a magnetic field and therefore should be ...X.... away from MAIN UNIT or CD SOURCE. The manual states that power supplies should be a fair distance away from the main unit (along with everything else) but there is no mention of the battery. I have seen pictures of this equipment positioned vertically (not on each other) on a rack or positioned beside each other on a double width rack of three shelves each, give or take. The components seem a lot closer together than one would assume is optimum. Help in this regard will really help in choosing appropriate racks. Until then, no music.
Hi Vivant, I own the Emitter II exclusive and Basis exclusive. I call them 'the German artillery'. Both transformers and both battery are in a separate rack at +/- 1,5 m. distance from the Emitter. Your assumption is that the battery part does not 'emit magnetic field'.
Well the batteries themselfs don't but there are transformers in the battery part to feed and regulate batteries. So obviously they also emit magnetic fields. You don't need some expensive rack for the purpose but well the solid one (4x > 30 kgr). With 4 'sections' of course.BTW I use the Emitter to 'feed' my Usher BE-20.
The Emitter can 'feed' any speakers provided that they are above 3 Ohm.

Hello Nandric,
Thanks for taking the time to answer my thread. Separate racks it is.
Heard it with Magico Q3 magic!!
Ebm, Heard what with Q3? The ASR amps.?

ASR amps.
Ebm, What do you charge per word in your profession?