Anybody bi-amping Hyperion 938s?

Just got a pair. Love them. Have Consonance Cyber 845s powering them. Wonderful overall, bass is not the tightest in the world, but good.

Am considering bi-amping with SS muscle on the bass modules. Anybody have experiences to share?

Er, that's *Hyperion* 938s, by the way!
Well, I've tried it. I like them much better with the 845s run full-range.

In my laziness in initial setup, I left out the spikes. Putting them in made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in tightening up that bass!
I heard the 968s at HE2006 in June. Now they are one of my top three replacement choices that I want to audition further. If I do ended up using the 968s, I am planning on trying biamping out using the Pass Aleph Os and Pass 350.5. (Just because I have both amps around)

Good choice with the Consonance amp. I have two of their headphone amps, similar sound per your description above, but I listen mostly to jazz.