Anybody auditioned the new B&W 805s ?

Has anybody auditioned the new B&W 805s? Does it sound as good as the 805 signature?
I own a pair of 805 sig I had them for a year they still amaze me my local dealer let me audition the new 805s for couple of days they seemed smoother with more bass. But the more I compared the two the sig. were richer sounding intruments seemed more natural. The staff at the store were I got the 805 from did there own shoot out and every one agreed that the sig 805 outperformed the 805s terms they all used were more detail better quality of bass more open sounding .Unless the recording was really bad then the new 805 sounded better the sig 805 are so revealing if you put abad recording on they let you know. so Im keeping my siggys for now.