Anybody auditioned Primare CD-21?

This CD player was introduced with a matching integrated amp, the I21. According to the latest issue of TAS, this CD player is very neutral and nothing comes across as harsh or sharp, just nice and relaxing. I would interpret this as somewhat laid-back and smooth sounding. Has anybody listened to this player? I'm looking for a smooth, relaxing CD player that doesn't sound harsh (especially treble) or shouty at different volume levels with different source material. Shanling T-100 would be my top choice, but at $1295, the Primare should be a good choice if TAS is right about it. Anyone?
In my system it was so polite that most all CD's had a sameness about them,even a Cambridge out performed it.
I listened to the player at Quintessence Audio in Morton Grove IL and I have to say that I was pretty impressed. I was listening through good stuff though - verrry nice Sonus Faber speakers and a good preamp and amp (a Primare 30.2). This player is the lowest end digital source at this store, but they like the unit very much, though they like the Primare CD31 significantly better.
What did I hear?
I heard quite good detail and fairly neutral presentation. I found it smooth and revealing for its price. I wanted to compare to a MF A3.5 directly, but couldn't. However, after listening to both units independently, I can say I like both units. Other system pieces were too different during the auditions to make useful comparisons here.
I am a musician w/ a good background in sound engineering. That said, I've never owned really very high end 2 channel gear, so my comments shouldn't carry too much weight. And, I can't compare to it to really high end gear because I haven't heard the best stuff. However, at the price range, this was at least equal, or better than anything else I've heard.