Anybody any comments on Tannoy Churchill or D12?

Anybody heard These speakers Tannot Churchill Tannoy TD12.And could they be used with Naim gear CDS2,52 and 135 mono blocks?Mike
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I have heard the TD12 with a few combinations of electronics -- but not with Naim. I was suitably impressed and surprised at the life-like sound presentation they project.
Also listened to Churchills many many years ago, so memory doesn't serve there...
What would you like to know?
Have much experience with Churchills and do not think that any Naim amps are an ideal match. The upper midrange works better with tube amps of the VAC/MANLEY/CJ family of sound.Naim amps do not image incredibally well either so the Tannoys would be wasted IMO. Naim cd player is another story and should work well.
I have no experience with the Churchills, but I have a pair of Tannoy Devons (HPD-315 12" dual concentric driver) and use them with Naim gear (CD3.5/Flatcap/102/Highcap/135's) and love them. The imaging is stunning. But that's the older dual concentrics, so I admit that I don't know what the Churchills would be like. But to say that Naim preamps and amps don't image well...good grief. That's misinformed.
I think there are just some folks who don't like Naim. I'll admit, if one wants to play with interconnects or speaker wire, Naim isn't the brand to have. But for the pursuit of enjoying music, I don't think there's any beter. Different?Of course. As good? I'm sure. Better? I haven't heard it. If you can, you might want to audition the Churchills with your Naim kit and see what you think.
Thanks Goforth,since then I had great oportunity to buy Tannoy Td12 and I absolutely love it with my Naim gear.Don't worry Naim is one of the best and we know why right?Mike
Have a pair of Churchills, no.s 48 a,b. Being driven with
Atma-Spheres MA-1's a; . They are Class A, OTL's , 100w/side along with its matching OTL pre-amp, the P.2. The Churchills have the external crossovers,matching the towers. They sound nice, very nice. It's taken me a long time and somehow the journey is as fresh as ever. I'm obviously interested in gear but more specifically sound. I would be happy to share specifics.
Now I have Tannoy westminster and I am very happy with them,so much better then my previous Canterbury.
sound wise,,, what are the differences between the Westminster and the Canterbury?
TW a lot more resolution,so much better 3d picture,bass is a lot tighter,suprisingly more neutral sounding then I thought Tannoy could play,in high volume plays realy easy without trying too hard,drivers are not moving even in high volumes,bigger sound.TC were also great but not as good as TW,no suprice though!What else? :)