Anybody A/B Huffman & Mojo RCA's Interconnects

Both interconnects use ribbon type wire. Both have good reviews. Has anybody A/B these two? Thank You for your reply .
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While I haven't even heard of the Mojo product, I can state that the Grover Huffman cables are incredible.

Having been in the high-end audio business for quite awhile, I have owned or sold or listened to, almost every cable brand out there.

There's just something right/special about Grover's cable. They take a VERY long time to break-in, (200 hours recommended, but I still heard changes up to about 400 hours). I know some people who haven't liked them, but just didn't gave them a chance to break-in properly.

All cables will have a synergy with equipment and tastes, but my search is over for interconnects for the forseeable future...