Any Zu owners in Seattle area?

Greetings ZU owners in the Seattle area. I am making a major system change and hoping I could listen to your ZU speakers.

For 30 years I’ve used numerous monitors and planars, primarily stats, and all with significant power amp requirements. I have a custom-built audio room. I decided to keep the dedicated room for HT use only, and create a musical environment in our living room for my family and friends to enjoy.

That’s where Zu’s come in. Recently I had the opportunity to hear the Zu Druid MK 5. I was so pleasantly surprised by what I heard that I concluded I could easily transition from stats to Zu Druids. However, the Druid is more than I want to spend, and it is a bit tall for our space, meaning that it may make too much of a physical statement in our room. So I am leaning towards the Supreme or possibly the Superfly.

Zu has an 8+ week wait for these speakers, and while I like their 60 day guarantee, I’d rather not go through a couple purchases and the extra wait time if I could avoid it.

So, if there are any Zu Superfly, Supreme or Druid owners in the Seattle area that care to share some listening time, I would be so grateful.

I do appreciate comments from other Zu owners too.

BTW - I’ll be using a Line Magnetics 845 SET integrated with 16 ohm taps that I’ve been using with other speakers.

Please contact me at sschmidtatsounddsldotcom or though Audiogon.