any Yuri's Honing work fans?

I just discovered him 2 years ago, but i did not know was him until I found the song i love "Walking on the moon", breathtaking audiophile reference CD while I was auditioning some gear it was playing trough AZ crescendos and Ayon triton,
that song made me purchased that system entirely and I still own it, exposed me to a sound I did never heard until that moment.

Today I started looking to own some of his work, I would like to hear from you, I am sure is well known for many of you.
I just checked out this guy on You Tube and I'm seriously impressed. I blew off your post because id never heard of him. Bad idea. From what Ive seen so far this is Jazz at its finest. What can you suggest I start with? Watching this guy live just blew me away.
I just watched Live Paradise in Paradiso. The guy is amazing and I guess I don't understand why ive never beard of him. Thanks for the information and please make a recommendation.

None of his tour dates in the US, i am really surprise about the fact that only you guys posted on this one cause i though more people will know about him, and the thread ran with no responses for 2 days in this community.
This guy is a very influential musician in Europe and Asia,
I glad i came by his music and took me two years afterwards to discovered who was doing that stunning version of walking on the moon.

His Cds are hard to find check amazon, all his albums are awesome.
Get an idea how it sounds in a super ring like this!

exactly this song and this sound made me purchased the triton with the crescendos, two years ago.
I found out that his stuff is difficult to come by. I'm leaving for Italy in a week and will see if I can find it in Rome. I always go shopping for music when in other countries. I got some of my best lps in Munich back in the early 80's. Canada is also a good place for music. The U.S. is like a third world country when it comes to good music selection because so many people listen to garbage. Its really too bad.
And thanks again Mountainsong. I check this area of the forum constantly in search of new artists and you share my taste in music.
Agree with you i got excellent LPs on salvation armies On BC Canada, and I am always hunting on my trips to Italy and my time in France for music, i am glad i had found someone like you to share music taste, i am still surprise only you replied to my post, and we are talking the audiophile community imagine the rest....
lets keep in touch.
That would be nice
I heard Star Tracks at CES and was really impressed. $145 used on Amazon!