Any YBA Design YC201 Cd player users out there?

I inquired once before but have not heard from anyone using the YBA Design YC201 Cd player.

Are there any out there that are using or have used this relatively new cdp from YBA. How does it sound, and how does it compared to others?

I am currently using the fantastic YBA Design integrated w/ DIY (Snell) speakers and the lowly Oppo HD970 universal player.
Hi, I have heard both the YBA Design cd player and amp. I think both are lovely. If you liked the amplifier then in my opinion you will also like the cd player. They work very well together. I think these pieces are a bargain - they provide a liquid, fluid and smooth midrange at a very reasonable price.

I own a lot more expensive YBA gear and as you spend more you get better dynamics, detail and frequency extension. So you can get better hi-fi by spending more but the amazing thing is that with the YBA Design cd and amp you do get that magical midrange that is the YBA characteristic.

By going for other cd brands you may get better detail and frequency extension (hi-fi characteristics) but at the expense of the magic midrange (music). I'd go for the YBA combo any day.

Good luck.
Thanks for your reply comparing the YBA Design (or called "Y" in Europe) to their Passion line.

I am really enjoying my YA201 integrated. I find it better in a terms of a musical, listenable sound that I have ever had before. Not since the'70s anyway have I enjoyed listening to music, but now with better detail and a more modern sound.

You may be right about the midrange magic - the '70s gear had that too. In fact I enjoy listen to late night FM on a vintage '70s system as much as CDs on my main system.

I think you answered my concerns about the Y cdp. I feel I'm not lacking any resolution with the Y amp, and have read that the Y cdp is not as high in the resolution and dynamics department as the amp. That concerned me, but I believe that synergy may win out over resolution in the end as you mentioned. Plus I like the YBA universal remote.

I can not wait to get back from work the listen to music through the Y integrated, and have never felt quite this way since my '70s system. The cdp may be a nice addition completing the midrange magic. Musicality rules!

Please tell me how the amp/cdp combo players rock as I still play some classic rock as well as modern jazz.