any YBA CD Passion users out there?

whilst there's plenty of user information on YBA amplifiers, the CD players seem to have slipped under the radar, at least when it comes to user comments. I have a YBA CD400 Passion CDP. YBA imply that it is upgradeable to 600 level with a better power supply. Has anyone tried this? Has anyone heard a CD600 or 1000?
Hi, I upgraded from the 400 to 1000.

I loved the 400 cd player but love the 1000 even more. The 1000 give you more detail, openness, dynamics, better quality bass and treble and a more accurate presentation.

In some ways the 1000 is less romantic than the 400 because the 1000 is more accurate.

The 1000 offers a big improvement with orchestral pieces where its superior dynamics come into play.

You should contact your dealer who should be able to help you with the upgrade.
Except for the external power supply, are there any difference between Passion 400 and 600?