Any Yamaha MX-600u owners out there?

Awesome power for me in 4 ohm with my AR9s and I LOVE the red light meter! I really like this amp and would like to have some input from other owners past or present. Negative or positive comments would be great!
i just picked up a yamaha rx 1100u receiver, which supposedly incorporates the mx-600u amp (or its 125w variant). i don't like the dreary black face, but it's an impressive piece nonetheless--as you point out, awesome power, sounds good at low volume. i'd describe the sound as forward and very "solid state"--not quite neutral and transparent--but very listenable. which leads me to conclude that (a) yamaha continued to make good amps in the late 80s (truth be told, this one probably sounds better than the beautiful, classic silver 70s stuff), and (b) amplifier technology really hasn't evolved that much--this unit shows up well against my modern integra/onkyo gear.
The MX 600U sounded better than the MX 1000U. I had a Yamaha R9 receiver a long time ago and traded it for a RX 1100U and that was a big mistake. R9 sounded much better. It appeared that the RX 1100U was the R9 with some improvements but the R9 killed the RX 1100U in terms of sonics. The M45 the predessor sounded better than MX 600U. The only reason I know all this I worked for an audio store that carried Yamaha back in the days of models mentioned in this thread. Unfortunately Yamaha like all good Midfi companies had to survive and to do so had to cut cost and offer bigger power ratings.
So, here is my question to you...

I also have a yamaha A-1000 auto class A amplifier. It seems to be heavier and looks like it has twice the caps and heat sinks inside of it... But I dont notice a LOT of difference. Which one would you keep out of the two? The mx-600u or the A-1000 Please advise

Would Yamaha's top CD player be considered midfi?
Again I ask, A-1000 vs MX 600u What would you use?