Any words of widsom changing amp fuses?

Just got a Classe 301 and believe when I pushed it back in my cabinet two speaker wires touched together, I saw a spark and the amp went dead. Trying to see if its just the outside fuse, if not I have to pop the top. Called Classe , they were very helpful and friendly. Anyway if I have to open it up any words of wisdom? Did a search on this forum and I can see Im not the only one who's ever made this dumb mistake. Thanks.
Replacing fuses, either the outer main AC, or the inner rail fuses is pretty straight forward. Just unplug the amp, use the right sized screwdriver (or tool) to avoid burring up the fasteners, and remove the top. Be sure you use the correct replacement fuse.

My McCormack amp DNA2 uses a "Slow Blow" outer fuse and will constantly blow standard fuses of the same amperage rating during turn-on. The "slow blow" fuses allow the initial rush of higher amperage to pass through the fuses with out blowing them. Replace the cover with the same care you removed it, and have a nice cool Bud. Cheers. Craig
You might want to use one of those plastic fuse pullers that are popularly used with car fuses. Please be careful since your capacitors may still be charged and, even after you unplug the amp, you can still get quite a jolt if you use your fingers or meatal tools in there. The slow blows are great ideas (no comments from the peanut gallery please). Some folks have reported better sound after using ceramic fuses rather than glass ones. Some folks have also reported improved results after cleaning the fuse and fuse holder (careful there though)with contact cleaner.
Make sure you use the same type/grade fuses. If you don't you risk damaging your amp if they don't blow at the right time.
tweezers (like the ones on a Swiss Army knife) come really handy for popping them out (and plucking them, should you drop them inside the gear)

DO NOT go poking around with anything, if you touch metal tools to capacitors you will be wide awake quickly, they hold a charge for a long time after they are unplugged. I met the business end of an adcom gfa-565 power cap many years ago, sucked big time-take my word ;) Other then that it should be fairly straight forward. ~Tim
I believe Classe uses fast blow fuses. You may want to check with them before you start changing anything.
Sorry about that suggestion to go with slow blows without adding any caveats. Please do check with the manufacturer before going that route if the amp uses fast blows now -- but it could save some future hassle if it is OK to use slow blows. While you are checking, also ask if ceramic fuses of the same type (amperage, blow speed, size) would be OK. They might improve the sound.