Any word when Yamaha M-5000 amp will hit the U.S.

I cannot find any info. I’m really looking forward to hearing reviews
Me neither, pretty frustrating, though I thought the speakers were making their way in pretty quickly.

Though since I just upgraded, and really really don't have the space for massive components I'm afraid I'll just be an observer of this phenomenon.
If you are inclined to tie the speakers with the associated electronics. Check out the youtube video on listed at the bottom of the discussion below. 

Anybody in the US stocking these yet? I cannot find any info
No, apparently the coating used on the drivers is hazardous and cannot be imported into the US
If we are talking about the NS 5000 speakers.I was informed that they should make it to the USA in the summer after some changes to accommodate the California safety rules. . Well summer ended 2 days ago I believe.

I do know that I can get them shipped to the USA from Toronto, Canada. My dad actually demoed them on my behalf in Toronto and loved them. One thing I feel confident about is the health and safety aspects of the Canadian government compared to the US. I will take my chances with the Canadian policies. I have no concerns about buying them.
^^^ So... have you bought them yet?