Any word on possible new line of AudioQuest power cables?

Have there been any rumors surrounding a new series of AudioQuest power cables? Perhaps some of the people familiar with AQ (Bo) can chime in. I was under the impression that there will be a new line coming this year in 2016. I was gonna take a stab at the NRG-4 but am undecided as I feel it's better to wait if there will be a new line soon.
FWIW from 2012-2014 I went on a power cable binge. I sold my full loom of AQ NRG 10s and tried a good sample from many of the big brands at comparable prices or even more. Sold them all and ended up with another full loom of the NRG 10s. For reference my ICs and SCs are AQ Wild/Niagara/Wild.  
Correction my journey was from 2012-2015. 
Any AQ PC worth considering?
I heard the new line of AQ will have twenty five new models . It's going to be hard to choose . Guess i will have to just go buy the more i spend the better sound i will get . Makes it a NO BRAINER way to decide .
"I heard the new line of AQ will have twenty five new models."

Jeez if they only would do the job right and manufacture seventy five models, then I could be confident they have the right model for me.
AQ makes great products. But I find the product lines, names and descriptions so confusing I have avoided purchasing them.  Perhaps working with a dealer would help. Water, river, oaktree, etc. 
Thanks for the update, maplegrove.

Can we expect the current crop of NRG power cables available for closeout prices at MusicDirect soon?
I don't see any problem with the old line... NRG-5, NRG-10 and WEL are exceptional for the price! I also have Everest loudspeaker cable (between my Raidho's and BAT VK-600SE power amp) and find them stunning! The Diamond USB with 216V DBS is also terrific...