Any Well-Recorded Trance Out There?

I'm interested in finding some well-recorded trance music, if it exists. Before upgrading my stereo, I'd say I was a big fan of ATB, but his stuff doesn't have the best recording quality.

A few albums I like, and would consider decently well recorded are Intuition by DJ Encore, and Believe by 4 Strings (these would fall under the category of vocal trance).

Any suggestions?
You seem like you could tell me the difference between *ambient* music (like that on the Hearts of Space broadcasts and website) and 'trance' music. Thanks.

I'm not an expert on this, but I'd say that a trance album will have a strong bass beat on at least some tracks, while an ambient album will not. I'd also characterize ambient music as "atmospheric," while trance is typically not. Ambient music is also often free of vocals, while trance may (or may not) have more vocals.

Check out the song "Hold You" by ATB; you can definitely tell that this is not an ambient song.

I'll note that in the albums I'm looking for, I'd prefer there to be at least some vocals. I'm pretty sure I won't enjoy a trance disc with no vocals, even if it's well recorded.
Get a Squeezebox. Several Trance music stations to choose from. Would be a good way to start.
Mirco De Govia - Iconic Path
Rrolack, Listened to "Hold You" on You Tube.

I think I get it now. Trance is like head-banger music for people who don't want to suffer any permanent damage? ;--)

While Ambient music is acid--tripping without the acid.