Any way to add a good quality mono switch

My preamp - a LAMM LL2, does not have a mono switch. Since i listen to many mono records from the 50's and 60's (as well as early stereo recordings that sound better in mono) I would like to have this. I did rig up a pair of Y interconnects from radio shack to create the same effect but I have to reach around the back of the preamp and connect and disconnect this every time I want to change and this can't be good for the wear and tear on my preamp inputs. Any idea on anyone who would make such a thing to connect on the inputs with a high quality switch?
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If you listen to a lot of mono records, you need a mono cartridge. Otherwise, you will not hear everything from the recording. If you have a removable headshell, this would help your problem.
I don't have a removeable headshell but I am thinking about a Graham arm which is removeable (the whole arm wand) and a Lyra Heilikon mono cartridge instead of my OL Silver and Shelter 501. I could probably just go mono on everything and not miss the stereo - so little good stereo was done in the 50's / 60's