Any way I could have damaged my speakers?

Yeah, so I was changing out some interconnects on my preamp while it and the amp was on.  I temporarily pulled out the rca cables that connect to the amp from my preamp and heard a screech from the speakers. Playing some music now and sounds fine but I'm obsessive compulsive. Any possibility I damaged anything?
Many speakers can take short term bursts of high level power/distortion. You may have gotten away with it. 

Years ago I sold a friend a beautiful pair of Canary Audio Zama Speakers. I set up his rig. Years later he rearranged the basement where he was using them. He wired it wrong and when he put power to it he blew out the speakers. Tough lesson. 

My advice is when you don't know what you are doing ask someone else before screwing around with it. Cheer up, it could have been a motorcycle accident. There are some hobbies where screwing up costs more dearly.  :) 

Easy mistake to make. Like Douglas says don’t make a habit out of it. Unlikely to have damaged anything if all sounds good. They can take more than you think.
Thank you all for the reassurance. Listening to Hell Freezes over - Eagles right now and sounds really good. Have to say, this hobby may not be life or death if you make a mistake but the serenity it can deliver is priceless.
As long as you did not let out the “magic smoke” your equipment is fine. Once you let out the smoke the equipment runs on you can’t put it back in lol. 
I ride and am not scared to fly through traffic but I'm terrified to tighten a rectifier or power tube socket with a screwdriver or dental pick, I don't know how to drain a cap. I always hear people use the term lethal power in the cap. Glad you didn't blow anything I do what you did sometimes but I know it's wrong, I don't like to turn tube amp off and then power it right back up, I know that can be a problem too