Any votes for or against a TV component stand with glass shelves?

The TV will likely be a 55 inch screen.  The audio components will be a Blue Sound Vault 2, Manley preamp, W4S amp, along with the cable box.

 I currently have a custom made wood cabinet which looks and sounds good in my current residence.  I now have a new summer home, and trying to decide whether to go with a sleek looking ready made unit or spend the extra time and money for another custom unit.

Your input would be appreciated.
No,no glass.Highly reflective and rings like a bell.Look at Sanus and Salamander Designs for ready made..
I used a "Maxim" three-shelf tempered glass table for 12 years and didn’t notice and problems. Supported 4-5 components (no TV). Please note: I did use sorbothane footers and BDR cones for vibration control (as usual).
Looked at the web sites for Sanus and Salamander and most of their products have glass shelves as well.  Plus I thought both companies were pricey for their offering.
 I found some nice candidates at Copenhagen imports in the same price range.  Of course that's way more expensive than the simple glass shelf unit I was looking at initially.

Yes, glass may not the best material to make an audio shelf but the negative effects of glass can be mitigated with after market audio footers and/or platforms like Symposium etc.
Oh, you mean like the Mana glass isolation stand?
Salamander Designs......Glass?? No looked at the wrong product from them.

Unless you are sold on the looks of the stand with glass shelves I'd opt for the wooden shelves. I agree with what others said, there are ways to counter the glass shelves and still sound pretty good.
Remember this is a summer home to relax in, I doubt that you are going to have your reference sound system there to do critical listening?
Better make sure the wife is happy with whatever the decission is ;-)
Ok, so I nixed the glass shelf plan.  I found a really impressive looking media console at Copenhagen Imports.  The manufacturer for anyone interested is

 They feature ventilated shelves and cabinet.  The shelves are wood except the center one and are adjustable via steel pins that thread into inserts in the cabinet which is a lot more rigid than the usual press pins.  The steel pins have rubber o-rings around them to help isolate the shelf.

Other thoughtful features are easily removable backside panels, hidden wheels so the whole thing can be moved for access.

 I chose a real wood veneer for the OLA model I purchased.  The paint finish on other models was excellent if you prefer that finish.

List price was 1549.00, but lucky for me the unit I liked was on sale which made the purchase enticing.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I use Studiotech currently. However I have been researching these.
Good luck!