Any VK60 owners using a diferent preamp?

Just wandering if any of you Bat Vk 60 or Vk120 owners are using a different preamp incl. a single ended pre as i am in the market for a new pre . Currently using an ARC LS10 pre and may want to change my pre as i am using VK60 monoblocks . Please any info will be helpfull....

Thank you
I have a Bat vk50se w/ my vk60 amp. Right now, I'm running a DCS dac straight into the amp. Sounds pretty good. The preamp is slightly better...
I have never used a BAT pre with my VK-60 I am currently using an Accuphase digital pre/DAC and am soon going to be running the new Capitole 32/192 direct into it, I am not anticipating any problems by doing so.
I am wandering about the comprimise of going with a single ended as apposed to balanced pre as I would have to get the se to balanced conversion adapter from BAT.
Looking @
Kora eclipse
Joule la 100mk3
Rogue 99
I have found alot of my favorite systems I have listened to have been a brand mix of pre/amp/source keeping you away from any "HOUSE SOUND" a one brand system may give you.
Again any suggestions please..

Hope I am not too late to jump into this thread.

I am using the Theta Casablanca II w/Extreme DACs (Pre/DAC/Processore) and an Ayre D-1x CD/DVD transport with BAT VK-60 monoblocks and so far it has been impressive. I am very pleased with the results.