Maybe a few Canadians can help me out.
I spend quite a bit of time in Niagara Falls,NY but I don't know the area that well yet.
I am looking for some shops that sell new/used vinyl.
BTW....Niagara Falls,Canada is MUCH nicer than the other side of the gorge!
Natalie-the 99 is in much better health today.The problem was a blown fuse is all.Thanks for asking.
Heh, of course it is, when you look at the falls you see the American side! :-)
David,your so correct.I allways get the impression I have gone into a third world country when I cross in NF NY.Its a huge step down.
On the other hand it is also home of the best wing and Pizza joint in the world.
Buzzys on Niagara Fall Blvd near Military its to die for.I was a monthly visitor untill the unfortunate events of Sept 11,now the trip over can be a nightmare .Spending an hour + at the border both ways takes most of the pleasure out of the trip.
I should say it is getting better in NF NY.It still has a way to come but it has come along way in the past 20 years.Its a shame how so many rust belt cities where allowed to deteriate.
I am going to NF this weekend Canadain Side if I run into any Viynl I will post here.Sorry if I pick all the good stuff first.Take care and enjoy your 99.I make do with a 66 for now.