Any vintage radio collectors? Looking to buy an art deco era working radio.

Would prefer one with the FM band.  Working and Art Deco preferred.  Looking for your experience and recommended models.    Thanks.   


Floor standing or a Tombstone? Art Deco with FM might be a tough one, the art deco period ended before FM radio got a foothold. I'm not an expert so I could be wrong on that point. The radios are everywhere. One of the best places are old radio/electronics swap meets that happen around the country. The charm of old radios is the look and glow but an old cabinet with a modern tuner/amp/speaker is just as good or better IMHO. If you are the least bit handy, striping the guts out of a new radio and adapting it to an old cabinet is not that hard. 

Yea, big console radios where on the way out by the time FM kicked in, however here's one.


Thanks for your replies.   I had a great looking floor model that was Deco in style but from the late 40s or early 50s, loved it but needed to sell it because of a move and more. 


You should list your location. Every spring and fall there is the Kutztown Antique Radio Show in Kutztown, PA. There are hundreds of the old style radio's for sale there every meet. As a bonus it keeps getting more and more stereo gear there as well. Ten's of thousands of tubes and other hard to find items as well.

Been going for a few years now. Rain or shine it's held under two large pavilions with lot's of vendors. I meet up with a few audio friends and hang out for the day.