Any views on the new SFDomus Grand Piano?

Anyone has auditioned the new Sonus Faber Domus Grand Piano?

Would appreciate if you could share your views?

Many Thanks!
none has auditioned the Domus GP?

The last SF Grand Piano I heard was so dire that it nearly made me forget about ever listening to a Sonus Faber speaker again. Among the worst (as in most sloppy) bass/midbass I've ever heard in a speaker. It was all about the imaging and nothing about music and balance. Perhaps if it was priced under $1,000 I'd have said "wow, that cheap floorstander sure does image well" but at a few times that I said "holy ripoff, batman".

I was auditioning an REL subwoofer at the time so I had more time with it than I wanted.
I wonder why there have recently been so many SF Grand Piano Domus speakers for sale on Audiogon and eBay.

I heard the GP at a local dealer's shop last fall. It was driven by the new Bel Canto monoblocks and a Bel Canto preamp. The source was an Ayre X7e CD player.

In that setup, I thought the GPs sounded great in all the usual ways. Like Ghunter, I was impressed by the imaging, but I was struck also by the GP's detail, transparency, and bass response (timpani rolls were well articulated and rocked the room). I liked the noticeably smooth highs as well.

The GPs sounded very similar to Sonus Faber's top of the line floorstander -- which I also heard that evening -- and the GPs sounded much better than their "little brother," the Concerto Domus, which seemed harsh and was perhaps not yet fully broken in. (I returned a week later and heard the Concertos without first listening to the GPs and that time the Concertos sounded quite acceptable to me.)

But maybe my experience is unusual. The number of six-month-old Grand Pianos already up for sale suggests that the GPs impress listeners at first, but fail in the long term. So maybe Ghunter is right.