Any Versa Dynamics TT Owners??

Anyone out there own a Versa Dynamics Turntable??

I am aware of some excellent mods for it, and wonder how many of them there are out there...
I owned one and installed the full upgrade sold by John Bicht of Versalab. There is no doubt in my mind it was worth every dollar it cost and the ten hours of labor.

I am not aware of other kits but would enjoy knowing about them. I still very much respect the table even though I no longer own it.
I am using VD 2.3 turntable since 1994. Its fantastic.

I run my Versa with a Dynavector DRT XV-1s and Clearaudio Insider Reference wood.

Would enjoy knowing your new ideas.
If you email me privately I can keep you up to date as
I do some mods on the one that is here...

I am wondering how many are out there... it's always a
good idea to make more parts than for just one so that one
does not have to go back and set up everything again to make a part...

The main thing right now is significant damping of the motion of the TT upper surface on top of those springs!
I've got that bit nicely taken care of...

BTW, which *compressor* do you run, and what pressure will it make? Having some issues in that department.

Also mounted an integral IEC/RFI-EMI filter on the rear
panel... much better than his mod with a corcom inside the box...
A friend has a Versa 2.0, and we have a website dedicated to air bearing turntables and tonearms, with an online discussion forum. Please mail me for details if interested.
Curious about your website. I am a long time owner of the Forsell tt. A flawed product capable of exceptional sound. Would like to correspond. Dean
I have been using a 2.0 since about 1989 and am generally happy with it, except sometimes have difficulty getting its arm to play the last track of some records. Do you guys have similar problem and how to deal with it?
Anyone interested in the website for air bearing turntables and tonearms is welcome to email me privately. Due to problems the web hosting company was having several months ago, the site contents were erased, but I still have a copy which I hope to upload soon to put it back in operation.

My friend has a Versa Dynamics 2.0, I have a Rockport, and there are lots of folks out there with ET, Walker, Forsell, Maplenoll, and so on. Bear's ideas on tweaks for the VD would be very welcome, and anybody else who's willing to share their knowledge and insights is welcome to contribute. It's a completely noncommercial, just for fun, site that has discussion board areas. The URL is private at this time, so email me for it.