Any Verity, or Avantgarde owners in NYC?

I am interested in hearing the Duo's and Parsifal Encore's in a home set-up (Avantgarde doeasnt have a NYC dealer and Verity's NYC dealer is way). I dont know if this is a common request in these discussion groups, but I figured I would at least try. I promise that I am normal (or well-adjusted), and all I am asking for is 20-30 mins of your time. Please e-mail me if you would consider, or if you have any questions. Feel free to read my Audiogon feedback as well. Thanks.
Audio Odessey, a featured dealer on audiogon, carries both lines. I have done a couple transactions with John Rocke and he has been great.
hmm ... how come you hate sound by singer so much?

just wondering
Thanks for the suggestion, but Audio Odyssey doesnt have any Verity's in stock, and wont have any for some time. If I have to go to NJ I will, but I would have to take a train or bus. I was hoping that I could locate a fellow audiophile :)
As far as SBS, most people they are brooding snobs. There is one guy there who I respect greatly and that is Ken. With that being said, most dealers dont take the time to setup speakers properly, and with the right equipment.
Hi Dolphin. Although it may be a bit of a stretch for you, you're welcome to visit me in Boston for a weekend to get aquainted with my Encores, as fed by Aleph 2 monos and P.
My very damped living room stages well, and the Parsifal Encores sound glorious. Lemme know. I'd be ESPECIALLY interested if you could grab a couple of ICs for us to swap out along the way. Ernie
Thank you VERY much for the offer Subaruguru, but Boston is a bit far for me. One question. In your opinion, can the Encore's "rock-out" (ie play punshing music at loud levels, and with deep, impactful bass when called for)? I have heard from everyone else that they can do sooo many things well, but being a younger audiophile, I do like to Rock on occasion.