Any Verity Fidelio owners who tried using a sub?

Hi everyone,
Does anyone ever tried to use a sub with a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio... The salemans I deal with told me that it would be very hard to find something that will integrate properly...

Any comments?
I auditioned the Fidelio's and ended up getting a pair of Parsifal Encores only because I was placing the speakers way into the room. My understanding is that because of the rear firing woofer they need to be somewhat close to the rear wall to really enhance the bass. This was true when I listened to them, closer to the back wall increased bass response. I thought they were great sounding speakers! Don't know if this helps at all, but thought I would pass along my experiance with the speakers.
Thanks for the hint but I tried pushing the speakers closer to the wall... It made a big difference on the lower octave... The only problem is that you loose some imaging... The image is not as wide as when the speakers are further from the wall... That's why I am looking for a sub as a solution...