Any veneer woods to cover my ugly shelves?

I have a rack with ugly mdf shelves. They are black and cheap looking. I have the supratek syrah on order, and it's smaller size means alot of the mdf will show. Is there any veneer or inexpensive shelf that would work? I don't want glass, marble, etc. due to sonic issues. Don't really want to spend $300 for a couple of neuance's either. Thanks, guys.
go to a lumber yard or homre depot and get some new veneer mdf or plywood. you can also fone solid wood, fir or poine at home depot. it will be tough to glue veneer on painted wood.
You could go to "" and put in veneer. You will literally get hundreds of veneer vendors--any kind of wood from exotic to run of the mill and all ranges of pricing and quantity. I don't know how much area you plan to cover, so I have no idea what the price might be, but I'm sure you can find something pretty reasonable.
woodworkers supply (800) 645-9292
Woodcraft (800) 225-1153

I can't find their websites.
vinly laminate
As a DIY project; Go to HD pick up(they will cut to size for you)the skins. Stain of your choice/ sand the paint off the shelves you want to cover/ apply wood glue/ clamp overnight.
Try Parts Express. They have 2'X10' sheets of peel and stick wood grained vinyl sheets available in 4 colors for around $12.00. It's the same stuff that inexpensive speakers are finished with.
Cheap and easy fix.