any veiws on apogee centaur speakers

I purchased a pair of the middle of the series, pluged them in [ great sound for my small room 12` X 17`]a ribbon tweeter was`nt working,took them to the shop & waiting for an estimate , question; how much should I spend to get these repaired? and ,opinions!&views.My amp; Metaxas Solitaire ll, ARC LS-9 Pre, Creek 53 cdp ,Focal 816 Chorus series, Kenwood Marbel composite KD 2055, Cary phono pre,Dynalab FT-11 tuner, MIT Z center ,line conditioner, Verastarr gold interconnects, verastarr Grand illussion power cords.
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I would check the price of replacement ribbons; you would probably have to buy 2 , a good idea anyway. There are several repair stations around the country; Northern Va. for one; I would not want just anyone working on them. It would cost quite a bit to get a comparable replacement today. You have to decide how much you like them on the basis of listening to one. Two repaired speakers should sound very good. Gratz is the name of the company that makes replacement ribbons. I would go the the Apogee site; it was still going this Spring when I was repairing my Duetta Sigs.
I had a pair of Slant 6s. They are great speakers. There are few speakers that have a following like Apogees so long after they were discontinued.
thank you for your answer,and Gratz ribbon replacements for apogee, by the way you have an incredible system