Any Value for these Items? Adcom/Krell

My father recently gave me a couple of high end audio items from the 90's and I'm wondering if there is any market for them?

First is a Adcom GCD-750 CD player. He says it works but at some times becomes distorted. So I would try to move it as is.

Next is a Krell B&W 800 series bass alignment filter. It is in good working condition.

Thanks in advance for the help.
there's a market for anything. You just have to find a buyer who is interested. Used cd players are always suspect because of age. Skipping and problems with a dated lens and older inner workings can be a problem with any old unit. The alignment filter is another matter.I am sure if you check Ebay their just might be more buyers then you realize for such a unit.
If the Adcom puts out a distorted signal, most will not consider it. I have no idea what a "Krell B&W series...filter" is thus to me it is worthless . Perhaps others will know what it is and if it has value but it isn't one of those things everyone knows is worth something.
B&W supplied a Bass Alignment Filter with much of there 800 series speakers. Don't think Krell had anything to do with it unless they offered a upgrade for the filter. Either way there is not much use for it unless you get the B&W speakers to go with it.
Ok ill try to clean out the CD player and see if I can get it to work right.

Im going to put the Krell on eBay and see if there is any demand for it.

Thanks for the Input.