Any “value” competitor streamers vs Bluesound Node 2i?

I’m looking to upgrade from the Apple TV.   I am looking to run into a Benchmark 2 HGC.  Is the Node 2i the only game in town for under $500- 1k?  Open to used. 
You may be able to find a Bryston BDP-2 for around $1K used. This is definitely a step up from the Node 2i if you are feeding an external DAC and are running Roon. I've got a BDP-2, as well as several Node 2is which I use for different zones around the house.

I don't think the Bryston software is as good as BlueOS if you are relying on this to control your music, but the Roon support works great. The BDP-2 also has AES/EBU which works better than SPDIF and USB for many DACs (don't know about the benchmark). 
NAD 658. $1,500 new. Landmark product. 
@ cytocycle I have to disagree. I think BluOS is superior to Roon unless using a NAS.  

If not using a NAS, I cannot see much reason to NOT use BluOS. 
spirit of radio,

You wrote, “I do not agree that BlueOS is acceptable. I think it’s crap, like their cheap BlueSound hardware, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Moreover, it won’t index a hard drive. Talk about engineering to a price - There are any number of sub $100 or even sub-$50 more reliable wireless gizmos out there with better dacs in them than the node 2i.”

I’m interested to hear why you feel this way? I don’t want to presume, but your strong opinions would imply that you have some expertise in this area. I do not question that. Just want you to explain a bit more?
Scott_w wrote, “NAD 658. $1,500 new. Landmark product.”

This as well as the M10 seem very intriguing.